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10 Smart Ways to Generate HVAC Leads

December 3, 2017


 Your HVAC business needs to constantly get leads to survive in the long-run. Are you looking into growing your sales this season? Then practice these 10 strategies to get new leads FAST:


1. Share useful information - Create your own content by focusing in your audience to drag people to your website, blog, etc. Publish e-book, infographic on your website to increase traffic and collect names and emails that can be used later for your marketing campaign.


2. Have a standout WEBSITE - Are you in business to look like everybody else? Your website is your storefront that represents your business 24/7 online. Prospects will judge your business by the look of your site. If you don't spend much time on your site to keep it update; it simply means that you don't care about your brand. Having a standout website means that you have all the components:

/Organized layout

/Great color scheme and font combination

/Good quality photos,

/Contact info and social media link

/Fast loaded page

/Useful content such as blog, articles, videos, podcast, infographic, etc

/Company History- People LOVE stories!

/User Friendly Experience

/Mobile Friendly Website

/Search Engine Rank

(Note: xB WebPRO can bring your HVAC business success with a standout website that will simply WINS. Fill out a form directly HERE and a team member will contact you within 24 hours or less.)


3. Website Pop-up - This could be annoying sometimes but it's a must-have features that can be helpful when collecting emails from people who visited your website. Since these people show an interest to your business, why not reaching back to them and ask them how you can help.


4. Use gated content - Publish e-book, infographic on your website to increase traffic. Content can help your business build an email list with potential clients. For instance, providing information about how to program a thermostat can be found by homeowners who are mostly interested in your air conditioning and heating service.


5. Tap into your referral network - Contact your existing, satisfying customers and ask them for referral. Offer them discount, gift card or any other rewards for referrals. The best strategy is to ask all your NEW satisfy customers for 3 referrals that might be interested in your service.


6. Get out and network - Networking in social media is not enough. Search your local area for networking group and socialize with others. Get involve in your local community is necessary for any HVAC contractors. 


7. Hold an event at your business - Invite existing customers and ask them to bring a guest. Promote the event online and local listing.


8. Get listed in local search directories - If I can't find you when I need you how can I offer you opportunity? Most of your prospects start searching online for HVAC repair or installations. Make sure your contracting business pop-up when they are looking for your service. If you need help with Local Listing, PLEASE Fill out a form directly HERE and a team member will contact you within 24 hours or less.


9. Advertise online : Your website has to be promoted online to get leads. You can either get organic leads from search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing,etc) based on how they trust your website. Pay-per-Click advertising is very effective when it comes to lead generation. Your HVAC business can get attention when potential customers are searching online in your local area by using your keywords (15-20 required/ad). 


10. Social Media Advertising - Facebook has some great tools that can benefit your HVAC business. You can easily create a page for your business and run an ads by targeting people based on their age, location, salary, status, gender, behavior, interest, the list is endless. You can even target people who just buy a home and offer them seasonal maintenance at a discounted price.

The HVAC industry is very competitive, stay on top of your game by applying these strategies in your business T

ODAY and watch NEW leads coming into your business.

Did we miss anything? Please comment!


In Summary

Lead generation is not easy but it is a must-have process for any contracting business to survive.  Some contractor survive on inbound alone. But you should never depend solely on one source of leads but have multiple sources for lead generation in case one vein dries up. Generating new leads is vital to your business growth and stability. Don't ignore it!


Are you looking for a Trusted Online Marketing Agency for your contracting business? xB WebPRO has a small team of web designers with business background and HVAC field experience to help your business succeed online. We have been trusted by our clients due to our valuable unique service and our affordable price. We create well-responsive mobile friendly websites for contractors such HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Construction, etc. Partner with us by simply fill out this form!


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