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10 Ways for HVAC Contractors to Get New Clients

With a myriad of new things being introduced in the internet world, it has certainly changed the strategies which work most effectively for marketing. People can’t just send out ad sheets or bulk flyers to targeted neighborhoods and attract clients as it will not give good results.

Rather, there’s a growing need to develop an online campaign that develops connections with potential clients who are searching for the services a particular business has to offer. Here’s a list of some effective ways to generate leads that an HVAC business needs to thrive.

  1. Building Your Brand

    What kind of experience do you want your website visitors to have when they scroll through your landing pages? Do you intend to educate them about various facets of HVAC installation? Are you looking to promote your services?

    When users explore your website, it is critical that they have a positive experience. How to create a strong user experience? You can’t start using SEO properly without establishing what it is that you want to achieve. Ensure that you have engaging content and CTAs for customers to captivate them once they are on your website.

    Focus on What All Customers Would Want!

    Emphasize the mindset of homeowners and why they are searching for HVAC contractors like you. Are they looking for a central AC system? Make it simple for them to discover what they want to learn about your business.

    Do they seek advice on kinds of AC or furnace replacements? Ensure that your page has useful information guiding them to what might be the best option for them.
    The most important thing is to provide valuable information helpful to your website visitors. Even the world’s most stylish page can’t compensate for low-quality content failing to offer users what they want.

    Don’t squeeze too much information on one page though, landing page content must be easy for your site visitors to understand.

    Keep Things Simple

    Going through your website shouldn’t be a troublesome task, rather it should allow easy navigation. Slow responsive sites and hard-to-understand content frustrates users and they don’t remain on the page long enough to become paying customers.

  2. Breadcrumb NavXT Settings

    Now it is time to begin optimizing your web pages for online searches. You must make it easy for people looking for local HVAC contractors to found your website when they perform an online search. There are 2 kinds of SEO to take in consideration while getting your website pages ready for user queries:

    On-Page Search Engine Optimization

    Leveraging these on-page tactics assist bots from search engines to locate your pages and present it to users as search results.

    Pick a Relevant Page Title

    Have you got a catchphrase that defines your brand? It is a good option to incorporate it in the heading of your web pages. Moreover, you can also add specific keywords that reflect your heating and air conditioning services.

    Include Meta Descriptions

    Users see these descriptions when search engines bring up query results. The more relevant and user-specific your meta descriptions are, the better the chances that users will click on your link.

    Leverage Schema Markup to Your Benefit

    Surprising as it may seem, you can use your HTML tags to attract visitors as well. You can use your page markup to build rich snippets of your business on online search results.

    Rich snippets accommodate more information compared to regular results. Utilize it to inform users about important updates and other information that you wish to be instantly visible to the audience searching for local HVAC service.

    Keyword Research

    Keywords are specific phrases matching the queries made by users. These keywords must be spread throughout your content. There are several methods of conducting research on frequently used phrases of users when they search for HVAC service providers:

    Google AdWords Keyword Tool: You can check your phrases here for finding out their degree of competitiveness and the number of times they have been used in a month’s period. Look for heavily-searched keywords that are not used by the majority of websites yet.

    Ubersuggest: It is also a free tool where you can carry out innumerable searches to check how well a certain keyword can do to help prospective customers find your pages.

    Off-Page SEO Optimization
    Users tend to share information from websites they find valuable. They do so by including links back to particular pages on your website or by bringing the information on different digital media platforms.

    This helps to strengthen your brand’s reach on new areas of the internet, that too, without having to use paid ads. Such organic backlinks from different websites also help to improve your ranking among other HVAC contractors. Regularly track how often your website gets linked back by using analysis tools. According to Backlinko, pages with a high number of backlinks tend to have high organic search engine rankings.

    Another effective way of attracting leads to your website is by leveraging engaging videos and blogs that explain your unique HVAC services.

  3. Build Your Social Media Presence

    Many HVAC contractors ignore the effect a powerful social media presence can exhibit on building their brand. Instagram and Facebook both offer a myriad of tools making it simple for HVAC service providers to differentiate themselves among their competitors. Both channels can be used for brand awareness and customer support.

    Facebook Marketing

    More than a billion people use Facebook every day. The key is to target the section of users that are potentially interested in your service. Facebook is a great free tool to develop your brand identity. The most effective way of using Facebook is to create a business page and manage it properly to optimize it. It is actually easy to aim these towards local customers in your area. According to WordStream, Facebook is a powerful marketing tool – it’s a great space to keep customers informed, develop brand identity, and broaden your reach.

    Instagram Marketing

    Instagram is a platform that allows you to reach more than 95 million users by sharing pictures and relevant content. Keep a personal approach in the manner you market here. Try to create stories about your services and the influence you enjoy on the local community to grab the attention of users.

    Consider showcasing your team or any community or philanthropic work. Personalizing your business helps in receiving greater involvement of users as they get to relate to your company in a new way.

  4. Account for Mobile Searches
    People, now more than ever, are using their mobile phones to search online for solutions to their problems. More than 50% of the online queries are performed in this way! This opens up the opportunity to target more potential customers by leveraging the fact that users heavily rely on their mobile phones to search online.

    The layout of your website pages must be accustomed to the small screen gadgets. Are users able to navigate through your site from their mobile phones just as smoothly as they can using a laptop? Can they press the CTA button for initiating a call or they have to manually punch in the number?

    Therefore, it becomes imperative to make your website mobile-friendly as you would not want to miss out on the tremendous number of potential users searching for the services of HVAC contractors.

  5. Build an Online Reviews Portfolio

    Today, most homeowners go online to check reviews of different HVAC contractors before deciding on hiring a company. There are several platforms (like Yelp, Google Reviews, etc) where you can encourage users to post reviews regarding your company.

    Although, some businesses are reluctant to promote reviews in the fear of the negative impact on their business. Here is why it is beneficial to seek customer feedback:

    • Having no reviews whatsoever is just as bad as having a few negative reviews. This gives your customers the impression that you lack the expertise they are looking for.
    • Earning positive reviews regarding your services can go a long way in encouraging potential customers to try your company. Moreover, it sends out a positive word in your community, steering more business in your way.
    • Reviews are a great way to monitor the credibility of your services and respond to issues if there are any. Whenever there is a legitimate problem, you would want to manage it before it takes business away, right? Reviews can help you address all these things.

    Link back to authentic positive reviews from your business pages and ensure they are profoundly displayed to visitors. You can also add a comment section to encourage direct feedback. This enables you to promptly engage and interact with visitors in your personal space.

  6. Build Online Presence

    It is evident that the digital era has made everyone reliant on the internet for getting any kind of information. Remember, with respect to accessing a huge market of HVAC lead, having an influential and strong online presence is imperative for you and your customers alike.

    Think from the perspective of a customer, if you were pursuing specific information because you want to hire a service as quickly as possible, you’d probably perform a brief Google search to identify who all are available in your area.

    Become an Effective Online Resource

    Being a great online resource for instant service solutions and answers can attract more HVAC leads and improve the user experience from the outset. For ensuring that your business stands out among others, incorporate an information-rich blog section on your site and leverage HVAC content marketing.

    Writing informational blogs on common HVAC problems and their solutions will resolve the queries of readers, draw potential clients to your site, and increase the probability that they’ll employ your services. You will define yourself as an industry expert and your customers will be a lot more confident of your brand. Whenever they’ll be in need of HVAC services, they’ll directly come to you.

  7. Strategize SEO
    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is certainly a term that you have heard thrown around in the digital world. It is a crucial platform to draw online traffic and nail down how to get more HVAC leads. When users search for details on HVAC contractors in their area, you would want your website and company name to appear on the first page of Google search results.

    To seize the coveted top spot, you will have to optimize your site to boost your online authority. This means including relevant keywords relating to your services, address, and diverse HVAC solutions.

  8. Run Paid Ads

    Incorporating paid ads in your HVAC content marketing plan is a great way of attracting online traffic for generating more leads. Whether you are a start-up or a well-settled business, running online paid advertisements is one of the most effective ways to get new clients.

    Paid advertisements quickly grab the attention of users and provide you the traffic and exposure required to increase your business. Facebook and Google both provide paid social services and paid search that can enhance the visibility of your business along with increasing overall leads and sales.

  9. Email Marketing

    Email marketing continues to rank among the most effective marketing strategies as it is a tried and tested lead generation technique.

  10. Content Marketing

    Content marketing is another popular technique as it is cost-effective and brings desired results. For all the HVAC contractors aiming to get more leads in 2020, creating quality content with the right optimization can kick things off.

    • Blog Posts: Regular blog posts keep the content flowing on your site, making it continuously active.
    • Citation Listings: Monitoring your citations in online directories makes sure that your business is professionally presented, and its users can find it easily.
  11. Conclusion
    The above-mentioned marketing strategies are one of the most effective ones to market your business online. As most HVAC contractors lack expertise in digital marketing and how to attract more clients, hiring a marketing company can help in achieving these objectives


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